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Stewart Architecture

Readying a singular architectural practice for the global stage

What we did

  • Brand identity
  • Website design & development
  • Brand strategy
  • Strategic copywriting
  • Art direction

As often happens as architectural practices grow, the distinctiveness of Stewart Architecture’s project and personality had become hidden within an outdated and inexpressive identity system. With significant city-making projects in the pipeline, Stewart Architecture is at the tipping point of achieving international recognition. They invited us to provide a fully re-worked visual identity and communications toolkit to create a brand expression appropriate to their radical, category defying approach, and fully leverage the opportunity their new work would bring. 

Our visual identity balances the two aspects of Stewart Architecture’s unique approach: on one side – rigorous, rational, and unapologetically modernist, on the other – inventive, immensely generous to the end-user, and profoundly social. Reflecting this, our design has a factual and restrained underlying character, offset by the introduction of unexpected, less formal elements. Picking up on this language, a system of icons enables the practice to unpack its defining social and environmental commitments. 

The project provided us a welcome opportunity to flex the full range of our capabilities, from visual identity and website design through to art direction, brand strategy and strategic copywriting. The result is a brand expression that does full justice to Stewart Architecture’s singular project, readying the practice for its entrance onto the global stage.

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