100yrs through simple, useful graphic design



What we did

  • Strategy
  • Point-of-sale leaflet design

When heritage brands hit a milestone, it’s an opportunity to create buzz around their story and show new audiences what they have achieved. Braun’s centenary meant 100 years of iconic design could be celebrated and shared with contemporary target markets. 

Braun commissioned us to help mark the occasion with a strong point-of-sale piece that would connect their heritage products to the contemporary portfolio. We created a leaflet design based on their three design principles - simple, useful and built to last -  aligned with their 100 yrs campaign visual identity. 

With our expert knowledge of Braun Design, we selected heritage products that link to the brand’s  current product focus. With simple, distinctive copy, we introduced their design principles and developed a fresh graphic approach that would connect with audiences who had no previous knowledge of Braun’s rich history.

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